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5 Ways to Bust through a Weight Loss Plateau

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You’re crushing it on your workout plan for weight loss, but the results have slowed to a near-halt. This is super common. And also super frustrating. But there are strategies for breaking through plateaus that can help.

1. Switch up your routine.

Let’s say that you’ve done well by hitting the treadmill a few times per week for a couple months. That’s awesome! But what happens is that your body adjusts to that particular activity, at that level of effort. So, you end up not having to work as hard as you did when you started. Result? Weight loss plateau. Restart your workout plan by changing up what you do at the gym. Consider using some machines, doing strength training, or putting sprints into your treadmill mix. If you keep your body guessing, you’ll be breaking through plateaus in no time.

2. Drink more water.

It sounds almost too easy, but this might be just what you need. Studies have found that drinking water before meals has a major weight loss benefit. And that’s not just because you might eat less — although you usually do — but also because water helps boost metabolism. Your system is more efficient at working out and burning calories. Another biggie? Drinking more water helps your body stop retaining it — weird, right? — so you tend to lose water weight. Best of all, you’re more hydrated for your workouts!

3. Eat before your workout.

If your workout plans for weight loss involve exercising on an empty stomach, it may be time to rethink that strategy. Your body may not have enough fuel to keep you energized and motivated. Start breaking through plateaus by putting together some pre-workout meals and snacks. You may find that your performance takes a big leap and those plateaus are history.

4. Get enough rest.

When you don’t build recovery days into your workout plans, your body can get stressed. When that happens, progress might stall. Although it sounds weird that you need more rest — not more workouts — giving your body a break could be just what you need for breaking through weight loss plateaus. Try taking at least one day off per week. And get some good sleep, too, since that goes a long way!

5. De-stress when you can.

What happens in the office doesn’t stay in the office. It’s definitely true that exercise can lower stress levels, but if you’re really frazzled, it can throw you into plateau mode. Try putting other pro-happy, anti-stress techniques into your day. That can reduce your level of cortisol, the hormone related to both stress and weight gain.

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By finding different ways of breaking through plateaus, you can figure out what works best for you. Remember that most weight loss plateaus are temporary, and you can bust through them with a little effort and patience.