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To login and manage your account or request a transfer, please select your home club below:

Update your Billing Information

If you received a message that there is a problem with your billing info, please select your club from the list above, login to our secure billing portal, and click on 'My Billing Info' to submit new banking or credit card information. You may also do this from our mobile app, or by visiting your home club.

Transfer Requirements

Monthly memberships can be transferred to another Planet Fitness franchise location. This is a free service that we offer to you! To transfer your membership, you must meet the following four requirements: You must have a monthly membership (prepaid memberships are NOT transferrable). You must have a current membership in good standing (i.e. you do not owe a balance). You must be at your current location for at least 3 months. The club you are requesting a transfer to can NOT be in presale (i.e. the club must be physically open).

The Best Place To Get Help Is Always Your Home Club

As each club is a privately owned franchise, the best place to get help to your questions and concerns is in your home club. Call or stop by your home club location and speak with a staff member at the front desk, they will be more than happy to assist you. Our goal is to deliver exceptional customer service to our members at all times. Visit Member Support for additional help.

Your home club can help you with:

  • Quality concerns
  • Billing issues
  • Upgrading / downgrading your membership
  • Cancelation
  • Transfer home clubs
  • Concerns with the atmosphere
  • General complaints
  • Any other issues you may need help with

We value you as a Planet Fitness member and always appreciate you taking the time to provide us with feedback to help improve your experience. We make it a goal to provide all of our members with a facility that has a trained friendly staff, spotless locker rooms/gym floors, and clean well-maintained equipment.